Dear readers,

Welcome to Education Soon.

My name is Kwan Tuck Soon. I am a primary school Chinese language teacher from Singapore.

I’m into teaching for a relatively short period of time, 4 years to be exact. The subjects I teaches in school are Chinese language and Civic and Moral Education. My current post in school is Subject Head of ICT. As a teacher, I’m passionate about teaching using technology.

The title is loosely based on my name (Tuck Soon) and the things I plan to write in this blog. This blog will contain:

  1. My personal pedagogical reflections of daily teachings.
  2. Sharing of ideas and strategies, especially those related with Chinese language teaching and educational technology.
  3. Links to great tools, websites, edublogs and education news, updates and information.
  4. Education podcasts, vodcasts, screencasts, and any Web 2.0 media.
  5. Past, present and future education trends, i.e. Education Soon.

In other words, I hope it can be a useful blog to myself and fellow educators! Obviously this requires time, effort and peserverance. Wish me good luck!


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