Singapore VR

Singapore VR is a non-commercial website designed to give all visitors a virtual experience of Singapore. It is created by a small and dedicated group of volunteers and professionals with a passion for VR photography.

This project was conceived in early 2005 but it took almost 3 years for the required technology mature. Today, with the availability of Google Maps, Adobe Flash-based VRs and superior broadband speeds, this website is now finally a possibility.

A cool tool to tour Singapore virtually. Great for teaching Geography and Social Studies too.



  1. Aram Pan

    It is one of my hope that my website will someday be of use to schools.

    I’ve just added new content on the Last Kampong of Singapore

    Check Out the website and go to “what’s new”

  2. tucksoon

    Hi Aram,

    Great to have you here. I’m sure will be useful to local educators.

    I was thinking you can also look into the Geography and National Education syllabus and see how can be a interactive learning tool for these subjects 🙂

  3. Aram Pan

    Right now, this project is entirely run by me and my knowledge is limited. I’m not really sure what the syllabus would need. perhaps you coud email me directly and we could discuss more. Maybe give me a few pointers.

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