Part 2 of Adventures with Voicethread

I finally got my Primary 6 pupils to record a Voicethread! It was the same oral practice the other time but this time without my voice. Most pupils were shy and reluctant to try, probably they were not comfortable hearing their own voices (In fact I am not that comfortable too!).

“At last, not Mr Kwan’s voice!”

After much coaxing and assurance, I managed to get 4 pupils, 3 boys and 1 girl to record their picture descriptions. As a matter of fact, I had given the class the picture and instructed everyone to write a script over the weekend. Hence everyone should come prepared. Although the pupils still stumbled here and there, they did pretty well as novices. I am proud of them.

Maybe I should briefly introduce the gadgets I am using. I am using the Asus Eee PC 701 (I hope I can do an educator’s review on this baby soon) and a Logitech Premium Stereo Headset. I did the recording in the classroom, with some effort in keeping the class quiet. I would say the quality of recording is decent.

And the adventure continues…

I am still in the process of planning my next Voicethread project. I might continue to beef up this oral practice idea or go on with another, for example a learning journey I thought of previously.

I am also considering making digital storytelling a project-based assignment for my Primary 5 class. Hopefully they will be more motivated to learn and speak mandarin with this cool tool.

Perhaps another ambitious project could be a collaboration between my school’s partner school in China, Bibo Experimental Primary School in Suzhou on the topic of Beijing Olympics! How exciting!



  1. 陈育焕


    you mentioned in the previous post that the responses were lukewarm, but i believe the excitement level would have gone up with your current attempt 😉 (correct me if i’m wrong)
    i think the one thing that strikes me abt voicethread is the ability to empower students to VOICE, virtually anytime and anywhere in any voicethread (if i recall the functions correctly from my explorations few mths ago). i must agree that the school’s equipment can hinder the progress. if i were you, my next step would be to try to realise the power of the platform by getting every student to VOICE using their very own IDENTITY. for a start, i thought the star cruise thread could be turned to allow everyone to talk abt the pictures, answer some of the questions you have asked, or simply to voice any opinions or share their experience … i always believe the sky’s the limit where our students’ concerned 🙂

    juz my 2 cents,预祝成功,加油了! 🙂

  2. tucksoon


    Absolutely. In fact I guided one class to register for Voicethread. As mentioned previously, they can only comment in English. Also, not many pupils are comfortable in doing voice recording. They are either shy or not confident.

    In fact I think the lower primary kids could be more enthusiastic than the upper primary kids in voice recording based on my experience with the previous. The younger ones love to show and tell. Voicethread is a perfect place to let their voices be heard online. The only problem is I need to spend more time to guide the younger ones through the technical issues.

    I am planning to share this tool with my fellow teachers and work with my school IT administrator to improve the lab environment. Hope Voicethread will bring some authentic learning experiences to the pupils.

    Thanks for your encouragement, 育焕. I will update you with further developments in this edublog. Meanwhile, I look forward to learn more from your edublog 🙂

  3. 育焕

    德顺你好!不要讲点评,那太夸张了,何况我也只是纸上谈兵 😛

    小学生碰到的问题会比我的(中)学生来得多些,所以就要你多多费心了 😉


    和老师们分享吧,我相信他们也会喜欢上它的。 加油了!

  4. tucksoon


    感谢您分享你的研究报告,同时也感谢您在你的edublog 提到小弟。:)

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