Pay Attention

Great video which I missed all the while.

One key point here is the use of mobile phones in schools.

Well, it is always controversial, especially in primary and secondary schools. I must admit I am apprehensive of this idea too.

Questions like ‘What if kids steal phones?’, ‘What if kids use them just for casual SMSing during lessons?’, or ‘What if kids developed a mobile phone race for the trendiest model?’ often pop up from teachers’ mind.

I believe these questions are valid, since school teachers are always concerned of classroom management and discipline of pupils. I would not say teachers who expressed concerns are ‘refusing to enter the digital age with their teaching practices’. There are just too many issues needed to be addressed before mobile phones can be brought into classrooms, hence most teachers are as apprehensive as I am.

Singapore being a ‘SMS Nation’, schools should be tapping on mobile phone technology in teaching. In fact I have seen and heard the use mobile phones in teaching, but mostly only during Infocomm competitions and sharing sessions of pilot projects.

I certainly look forward to more positive developments in mobile phone technology in education in the near future.


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  1. Prof. Seeman

    You make some good points above.
    However, I also think that this can be helpful to you:
    Go to:

    If you get this book and video: PREVENTING Classroom Discipline Problems, [they are in many libraries, so you don’t have to buy them] email me and I can refer you to the sections of the book and the video [that demonstrates the effective vs. the ineffective teacher] that can help you.

    [I also teach an online course on these issues that may be helpful to you at: ] Next seminar starts on May 12. Registration is now.

    If you cannot get the book or video, email me and I will try to help.
    Best regards,


    Howard Seeman, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus,
    City Univ. of New York

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