Nobody dares. Cos you are reading.

For some reasons, none of the pupils I know of blogs negative stuff about me.

Sometime ago I asked a pupil, “Have you read any school mate blogging bad things about me?”

The pupil replied wittily, “Nope. Nobody dares. Cos you are reading. LOL!”

Ironically, pupils especially girls, tend to make personal attacks on classmates in blogs, and they wanted everyone within their social network to read them (cyberbullying)! Once I reminded them not to do so, they immediately turned their blogs ‘private’. This typical trolling scenario continues ‘behind the scene’. A dangerous time bomb I must say.


1. How can I help these pupils? Netiquette education is the way?

2. Why are these pupils always the girls?

3. How can I get some true feedback of my teaching when no pupil dares to give?


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