iCTLT 2008!

iCTLT is my second education technology conference I attended as a teacher. The first was a Chinese edtech conference in May 2007. In fact that conference was where I discovered a whole new world of edtech. That was when I started to use Google Reader to read edublogs.

The Pre-conference workshop conducted by John Connell was wonderful. I must admit I was too shy to introduce myself to John. In fact I was even too shy to admit I have a blog (in fact a few blogs)!

The main conference was awesome. Although I didn’t manage to attend all the Spotlight sessions I sign up (due to some unforeseen circumstances), the keynotes were already worth everything. Sir Ken Robinson‘s keynote was simply amazing, and as usual extremely witty. I will post more reflections later, as well as upload some poorly recorded speeches.

Thanks to the conference, I discovered more Singapore educators who blog, like Prof Ken, Xmac , Jeff and miss_A.

For those who are interested, all the iCTLT presentation slides can be downloaded here.



  1. ken

    hope you’ll slowly learn to overcome your shyness 🙂

    keep blogging, keep reflecting, and keep learning.

    best wishes 🙂

  2. John Connell

    I have been following your blog for a few months now, Tuck Soon – it is one of the blogs that sits in my RRS reader. How lovely it would have been to have said hello to you – next time I am in Singapore (or if you ever make it to the UK) we must meet up and exchange notes. If I had known you were in the audience, I would have asked you to help me out with the workshop 🙂

    Your blog tells me that you have a lot to offer your education colleagues, not just in Singapore, but around the world – keep on blogging, and I hope we meet up one day!


  3. tucksoon

    Hi John,

    I’m really flattered by your comments. Maybe I should have invited another colleague to join me in your workshop just to give me Dutch courage to speak up!

    Thanks for your encouragement again. I will keep on learning and blogging.

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  5. tucksoon

    Hi John,

    Once again, thank you for the encouraging comment in my blog.

    As much as I want to encourage my pupils to speak up in class, I fall into the trap of doing the opposite! Maybe it’s the culture here, or perhaps it’s just me! I’m believe there are many vocal educators in Singapore, just that they are not active in the Edublogsphere yet.

    Incidentally I do have some pupils (especially girls) behaving the same manner. They are usually the quiet ones in class, but they spring to life in their personal blogs. Like teacher like students?

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