Beyond classroom – Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teachers’ Day – A wonderful season (day) of giving. Cards, gifts, chocholates, etc.

This year I received something special from a primary 6 girl whom I never taught before. She gave a stack of CD envelopes. Quite a unique gift. However it was the note attached that gave me a pleasant surprise.

It’s in Chinese. It says,

Dear Mr Kwan,

Although you are not my Chinese language teacher, you improved my oral skills in MSN. Even though my Chinese is still poor, I still wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Elisa Ng

The fact is when I chatted with Elisa on MSN, I directed her to my Voicethread, in particular the ones on Picture Description and Conversation. I knew Elisa is weaker in Chinese, hence I thought my Voicethreads would be useful for her to listen and practise.

I unknowingly taught a pupil beyond classroom. Perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts I received for Teachers’ Day 🙂

Happy Teachers’ Day to educators all over the world!



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