Voicethread: Feature updates

Received some updates from the great people from Voicethread:

Hello VoiceThreaders,

We’ve got a number of delightful feature updates to share with you.

Put VoiceThread In Your Pocket

Take your VoiceThread and put it into iTunes or your pocket for on-the-go viewing and presenting. Whenever you export, you now have the choice to either download a full sized high resolution archival movie version or one that has been formatted to go directly onto your iPod or iPhone, or both. 🙂

Clone Your Threads

We’ve had a lot of requests for the ability to make a copy of an existing VoiceThread so that it can be reused for a fresh new audience or just to make a backup copy. Beginning today, you have that ability right on your MyVoice page (from the gear menu). Clicking ‘Make a Copy’ opens up a menu for you to title, describe, and choose the comments you’d like to include in the new version. Now you can spend the time and energy creating the highest quality VoiceThreads to be used again and again, and again.

Support For More File Formats

We now fully support Microsoft Office 2007 file formats when uploading into your VoiceThreads. Microsoft Photo Story 3 video support coming soon.

Security Update

Beginning January 1, 2009 we will no longer allow multiple simultaneous logins to the same account. While this may have been a convenient feature it was also a potential security risk. After January 1, 2009 whenever you log in to VoiceThread on a new computer, we will automatically log you out of any computers that you were previously logged into.

Submit To The VoiceThread Digital Library

VoiceThread is creating a digital library of outstanding examples of teaching VoiceThreads and we need our community of educators to help us build this resource. The intention is not just to ‘favorite’ or ‘tag’ great examples but to explore and document how they were created and what was learned. We hope the end result will be a series of detailed articles that other educators can utilize to help guide their work, so please give us as much information as possible. We hope to open the Library in January, so submit them whenever you can and spread word of the project to others. As a token of thanks we’ll be giving $20 worth of archival exports to all of the submitters whose work is published in the Library. Follow this link to make your submissions.


We’ve made quite a few interface tweaks as well, all in an effort to make VoiceThread and its features easier to use and understand. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received, it definitely helps direct our development as we look to further improve VoiceThread. So thank you and keep it coming! We’ve got more on the way (VoiceThread.com).


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