Unboxing and first look at the new HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary (White)

My unboxing and first look at the new HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary (White). Commentary done in Mandarin.


  1. tyh

    the ‘new’ 掌上学 is still a PX2051 which means it’s only a cosmetics change. the ‘brain’ of the device is still the same. so is still lacking in its own way just like the ‘old’ one i believe (:

  2. tucksoon


    I agree. Basically it has the same interface. In fact the screen is smaller than its predecessor.

    I let my pupils handle it and here are their comments:

    1. It’s more handy, like handphone.
    2. It feels more sturdy. Unlike the flimsy hinge of the predecessor, this one is a candy bar which is less likely to break into two pieces after a drop.
    3. Screen is smaller, but decent enough to use.
    4. Well, it costs $6 more than its predecessor which is still available in stores. Not very recession friendly.

    育焕, what do you think are the shortcomings of this e-dictionary? The ‘old’ one I mean. Frankly I’m guilty of not teaching my pupils how to use it effectively. Often I assumed they picked up along the way :p

  3. tucksoon

    Hi Herry,

    Nice to have you back again. I’m actually quite pleased with the improved build quality of the e-dictionary.

    Yes, I attended a workshop conducted by your colleague at Creative HQ 2 weeks ago and have received a copy of the software. Will try it out in classroom soon 🙂

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