Dimdim works great!

Today I tried Dimdim to host a mini web conference with a few students for the first time. We had a lot of fun messing around with the functions. Haha.



  1. It’s free!
  2. It does not require any software download and installation.
  3. It allows 20 concurrent users.
  4. It has a few presentations modes – Whiteboard, Computer screen, PowerPoint and Webpage.
  5. It is fast and does not lag.


  1. I am still learning some features, particularly the audio and visual controls. Can be a little tricky.
  2. Nothing at the moment!

I strongly recommend all educators to try Dimdim with their students and fellow teachers for web conferencing, home-based learning and hosting of webinars. Although it may seems like a poor man’s Elluminate, it certainly exceed all my expectations.



  1. Andrew Donnelly, Mikogo Web Conferencing

    Hi Kwan,
    Have you tried Mikogo for web conferencing? Perhaps you would be interested in trying it out and sharing your feedback on your blog. Mikogo is a free, cross-platform app for screen sharing with multiple people. Great for web conferences, online meetings and web presentations. It also includes remote keyboard/mouse control for remote support sessions. There is more info at http://www.mikogo.com or please feel free to contact me if you would like further info.


    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team
    Twitter: @Mikogo

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