A Teacher’s Guide to Web 2.0 at School by Sacha Chua

Though I’m a little late in posting this, I guess it’s a good time to share this presentation by Sacha Chua after attending the ICT Mentor Training Programme workshop.

The workshop was great and without a doubt all tools used during the workshop are Web 2.0. However teachers who attended the workshop are constantly reminded, what matters most is HOW teachers used Web 2.0 for teaching and learning but not WHAT Web 2.0 can do. Pedagogies, instructions and learning outcomes always come first.

Now back to Sacha’s presentation slides. Enjoy~



  1. tucksoon

    Hi Sacha,

    Your presentation is a gem! I’m sure it has been shared and viewed many thousand times by educators all over the world. I’m glad you found your way here too 🙂

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