Mighty Mouse Mischief!

One thing for sure is that Microsoft Mouse Mischief beats IWB hands down in terms of collaborative potential, budget and simplicity.

First thing: ‘Catch’ some wireless mice. The Logitech Unifying mice came to my mind as they seemed to be the cleanest solution. Bought a couple and tried them out. Sadly they did not work with the software 😦

I guess I will get the Belkin USB hub and another few wireless mice to explore further. I should be planning a simple lesson which is group work based to have some hands-on experience with this tool. Will update here again. Thanks Alvin (@alvintch) for his tips and advice! 🙂



  1. Joy

    Same here. Bought Logitech Unifying mice thinking that I could save some wires and USB hubs, but sadly they didn’t work.

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