How about radical overhaul to assessment?

From Channel NewsAsia:

MOE hints no radical overhaul to teaching of Mother Tongue languages

…the Director-General of Education, Ho Peng, hinted there won’t be a radical overhaul to the teaching and learning. Instead, it will build on the strengths of what’s in place…

…And one thing is clear – infocomm technology (ICT) will play an increasingly larger role in the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue languages.

“You’re talking about digital natives. Children in fact connect very readily and easily with ICT. So I think in terms of teaching and learning in the classroom, we really need to use ICT in order to engage the next generation,” said Ho…


  1. Will there be a radical overhaul in assessment? Frankly, as long as it moves slightly away from standardized testing, it will be considered a radical overhaul. 😀
  2. Not just MTL, ICT will play continue to play an increasingly bigger role in all subject areas.
  3. We have been talking a lot about using ICT for teaching and learning. Time to look at using ICT for assessment.


  1. Rui

    We can all sleep better and drink more champagne if there are no standardized tests!
    What is considered” radical overhaul”, if more flexible ways of teaching methods and assessment can finally be introduced and replacing the “no radical overhaul” stifling mindset?

    • tucksoon

      Absolutely. Mindset needs to change. Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s new TED Talk and most will agree we not only need a radical overhaul, but a learning revolution.

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