Every point counts

Source: The Straits Times 21 October 2010

To hear a deputy director of a reputable agency saying that makes me sad. I hope he was misquoted or he was just too upset.

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  1. Wenqi

    I think this is really atrocious. It is really unbelievable that parents have such oh-it’s-not-fair-if-some-students-have-encountered-the-content-before mentality. What reasoning is that?!

    What’s scarier is… such people are parents. What kind of values about “fairness” are they teaching their kids??

    Thanks for posting this. I just went to find the full article in Straits Times to understand the context.

    I think it’s a saddening and also worrying trend that in recent years, there are more complaints about testing methods/questions-too-difficult in the PSLE. This complaining mentality might be propagated by more publicity (through the news) and then some parents realized that other parents are complaining (and then they mistakenly think that by complaining/having the oh-my-daughter-was-disadvantaged-it’s-not-fair attitude, they justify their children’s results, regardless of good or bad) so they also follow suit.

    HAIII. I guess it is up to the teachers now to act as the 2nd line of “defence” to ensure that children have the correct curious, inquiring, and appreciative attitude towards learning and knowledge, and not just learning/education for the sake of exams.

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