Primary school pupils still prefer Laptop/Netbook

I did a simple survey with pupils from Primary 1 to 6 on their favourite devices for learning in classroom. The survey result from 267 kids shows that laptop/netbook is still their favourite device despite the tremendous popularity of the Apple iPad, which takes the second place. It’s a close fight between Mobile phone and iPod Touch for the third. I also noticed kids are also interested in E-Reader and IWB. They shown little love for digital cameras and voice recorders though.

I think it’s a useful student perception survey if the school is planning for 1:1 implementation. I guess my next survey will be for teachers 🙂

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  1. YJ

    I’d argue that the kids might not know what they want. Have those who indicated they preferred laptops tried an iPad? Conversely, did those who chose iPads do so purely for the “cool new” factor? Not to say these aren’t valid concerns – familiarity and intrigue respectively make for great motivators – but I’m wondering if too much focus on focus group results just leaves one without any focus 🙂

  2. tucksoon

    Hi Yinjie,

    Thanks for dropping by. I do agree with you. The survey isn’t scientific in the first place. I merely listed down the cool desirable devices kids (and adults) wanted with a simple objective: Which device is the most popular. The ‘for classroom learning’ part is kind of a academic disguise. I would say it’s more like a fun Facebook survey 😀

    The observation I made is although iPads are really popular (trust me, the kids went crazy when I brought it to classroom :p), I guess kids still feel laptop/netbook are more practical to do their usual stuff like word processing, e-learning and ahem, FLASH gaming.

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