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A parent’s Thank you note



You are welcome, Mrs Tan. I am honoured and blessed to teach your daughter this year 🙂


I am a Power Searcher!

I attended the Power Searching with Google course and is proud to earn a certificate! It was a simple online workshop about search techniques. I learnt some nifty stuff about searches, for example,  searching images using colour filters. I didn’t know about it before the course. Haha!

I hope Google will come up with more courses related to its applications. The course also features Google Hangout. Although I didn’t participate, I think it’s a great start for Google to deliver online lessons to masses.

感谢左手 2012

I’m so impressed and amused by my Primary 6 boys’ video adaptation of a textbook passage. I don’t think I can produce it myself 🙂

Ironically, a few parents told me NOT to assign online work to their children. Perhaps I should show them this video next time. Their kids are really doing amazing stuff 😉

Till 2016, we can be reconnected again.

What would you do if you noticed some of your graduating students spending too much time on Facebook and neglecting their final year examinations? These students shouldn’t be on Facebook too as they are below 13 years old.

How would you feel when a 9 year old boy sent the above Facebook message to people in his network announcing he will be deactivating his account because it’s illegal for him to be on Facebook? He is sad to lost all the connections till 2016.

Everybody likes Edmodo!

It’s the start of the new school year and what a great encouragement from my Primary 3 (Grade 3) kids! The survey above is ‘Do you like to use Edmodo?’. The top 2 options selected are ‘Love it’ and ‘Like it’.  One kid commented she prefers Edmodo because it’s ‘private’. I’m sure the LMS will have lesser love this year, at least for my classes 😀

1 year later, Primary school pupils still prefer Laptop/Netbook

Last year I did a simple survey with pupils from Primary 1 to 6 on their favourite devices for learning in classroom. Laptop/netbook was their favourite device. This year I did another similar survey with a smaller group of students (and ex-students) in Facebook. Laptop/Netbook retains the students’ top choice. Despite the rise of tablets in 2011, it remains as the ‘sub ‘ device, clinching the second place.

Interestingly, Interactive White Board seems to be gaining popularity among students, overtaking the iPod and mobile phone as the third choice. Is IWB is next big thing or fad?

Update: iPod, mobile phone and gaming console just overtook the IWB. This is an ongoing Facebook ‘Question’ 🙂

Bad choice of hashtag?

I find it strange that the official Ministry of Education (@MOEsg) Twitter account is using the #sgedu hashtag. While the #sgedu hashtag has a much larger following, it is widely used for satirical tweets. Take a look at my Tweetdeck screen shot of #edsg and #sgedu side by side.

I have sent a tweet to @MOEsg but sadly it has been ignored.

I’m not trying to advocate using #edsg but it seems @MOEsg is missing the point. What do you think? 🙂

Update: @MOEsg has started to use both hashtags together in a recent tweet.

Best of both worlds? 🙂