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Or the Macbook Pro?!

The new Macbook decides to abandon Firewire 😦

Should I turn to the big Prother? 😀

The new Macbook Pro


Should I get a Macbook?

I have been pondering for…the last 2 years? 😀

The new Macbook

The new Macbook

A Tour of 21st Century Learning

I will be attending this special workshop hosted by Apple Singapore on 9 June 2008 at Singapore Marriott Hotel!


9am: Keynote Session – Preparing students for a global, digital economy

10am: Breakout Session 1 – Engaging today’s learners with innovative technologies

11:30am: Breakout Session 2 – Enhancing collaboration, creativity and communication

1pm: Lunch 🙂

2:30pm: Breakout Session 3 – Support a 21st-century learning environment

While filling up the registration form, I indicated I ‘haven’t used a Mac lately or never before’. That is quite unflattering but true! 😀