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3 things I learned from the Adelyn Hosehbo saga

‘Adelyn Hosehbo’ is the infamous Singaporean teenage girl who became an instant Internet hit because she boasted slapping her mother on her Facebook. The whole incident went viral when local citizen journalist portal Stomp published it. The rest is history.

3 things I learned from this saga:

  1. Cyber wellness, character and family education are very important for kids today.
  2. Digital footprints travel at exponential speed in social media.
  3. It’s a great teachable moment or resource. In fact I already noticed some of my students doing similar things. This incident amplified the reality.


Source: Lianhe Zaobao 18 June 2010

My Facebook response in Chinese:




Project Digital Citizenship

I just returned from my first overseas conference. It was an amazing experience. Met many overseas educators and learnt a lot from them. I was there to share my ‘Project Digital Citizenship’ too. In this lesson, I got students to translate their understanding of digital citizenship into short videos and share with other school mates. The learning outcome will be empowerment of students as ambassadors to promote digital citizenship in a community.


Allow me to introduce you to the community – http://projectdigitalcitizenship.com.

Everyone is invited! 😀

Digital media may affect morality

From The Straits Times:

WASHINGTON: Rapid-fire digital media such as 24-hour news bulletins and status updates from Twitter and Facebook may confuse our moral compasses, new research suggests.

In a new study to be published next week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) found that emotions related to our sense of morality, such as admiration and compassion, take much longer to form than our visceral reactions to pain or physical suffering.

Hmm…hence the importance of Cyberwellness and Digital Citizenship?