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My To-Do list for iCTLT 2012!

2 years ago I missed iCTLT because I was away for army reservist. I’m glad I am able to attend iCTLT 2012! 😀

I still remember I used Twitter to follow the conference then. This time round Twitter is unleashed and the hash tag #ictlt2012 has been enjoying success in usage.

My To-Do list:

1. Must attend @Sham Sensei‘s awesome ‘Lead Teach Tweet’.

2. Support my colleague’s presentation on using Digital Mind Mapping with Popplet.

3. Meet up with the great people behind Edmodo and Core Education.

4. Many concurrent sessions related to using technology to teach languages.

5. Meet up with like-minded educators and wonderful tweeps in my Twitter PLN.

See you in iCTLT 2012! 😉


iCTLT 2010!

Last year when I received the news that my army reservist clashing with iCTLT 2010, I was really disappointed. Edtech has advanced much over the past 2 years (the last iCTLT was held in 2008) and I look forward seeing and hearing educators all over the world sharing their edtech adventures. Now I can only pin my hopes on my Google Reader, Twitter (also check out hashtag #ICTLT2010) and the Official iCTLT homepage.

To all educators who will be attending iCTLT 2010, have fun advancing learning with ICT: Innovate Collaborate Transform! To overseas educators, enjoy your stay in Singapore and do give a shout-out to me here or Twitter! 😀

iCTLT 2010

Not sure why but there is no iCTLT this year (was fixed in November). However the one next year is in March. Maybe a merged event?

The theme for 2010 is:

Advancing Learning with ICT: Innovate Collaborate Transform

Whether presenting or just going, it should be another wonderful learning and professional development experience.

Technology Goes to School at iCTLT 2008

From Schoolbag.sg

“But it’s homework!” That’s what your children might insist the next time you catch them blogging on the Internet instead of slogging at their worksheets. And they’d probably be right. There’s no escaping technology in today’s connected world, and Singapore schools are gearing up to give students a head start on the skills and tools they’ll need in a society that values creativity and connectivity.

A nice summary of iCTLT.

iCTLT 2008!

iCTLT is my second education technology conference I attended as a teacher. The first was a Chinese edtech conference in May 2007. In fact that conference was where I discovered a whole new world of edtech. That was when I started to use Google Reader to read edublogs.

The Pre-conference workshop conducted by John Connell was wonderful. I must admit I was too shy to introduce myself to John. In fact I was even too shy to admit I have a blog (in fact a few blogs)!

The main conference was awesome. Although I didn’t manage to attend all the Spotlight sessions I sign up (due to some unforeseen circumstances), the keynotes were already worth everything. Sir Ken Robinson‘s keynote was simply amazing, and as usual extremely witty. I will post more reflections later, as well as upload some poorly recorded speeches.

Thanks to the conference, I discovered more Singapore educators who blog, like Prof Ken, Xmac , Jeff and miss_A.

For those who are interested, all the iCTLT presentation slides can be downloaded here.