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9-year-old writes iPhone app

From The Singapore iPhone Guide:

Meet the world’s youngest iPhone developer. Lim Ding Wen of Singapore, who recently turned 9 (not a typo), has written an iPhone app called Doodle Kids that allows you to paint on the iPhone using shapes like triangles, circles, squares made up of random colours and sizes.

Amazing Singapore kid!

The iPhone Could Be The Ultimate Study Machine

From TechCrunch,

We’ve all heard about the incredible growth of the App Store, which has seen more than 500 million downloads across over 15,000 applications. Much of the innovation (or at least, money) has come from games and other entertaining apps like Smule’s Ocarina and Pandora Radio. But the iPhone is also poised to make huge strides in a somewhat less glamorous space: study guides.

The title alone is very intriguing. Anyway, I love my new iPhone 3G 😀