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Beyond classroom – Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teachers’ Day – A wonderful season (day) of giving. Cards, gifts, chocholates, etc.

This year I received something special from a primary 6 girl whom I never taught before. She gave a stack of CD envelopes. Quite a unique gift. However it was the note attached that gave me a pleasant surprise.

It’s in Chinese. It says,

Dear Mr Kwan,

Although you are not my Chinese language teacher, you improved my oral skills in MSN. Even though my Chinese is still poor, I still wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Elisa Ng

The fact is when I chatted with Elisa on MSN, I directed her to my Voicethread, in particular the ones on Picture Description and Conversation. I knew Elisa is weaker in Chinese, hence I thought my Voicethreads would be useful for her to listen and practise.

I unknowingly taught a pupil beyond classroom. Perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts I received for Teachers’ Day 🙂

Happy Teachers’ Day to educators all over the world!

SMS Nation

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TEENAGERS here are not surprised at the trends shown by the Sulake survey but some admit that the preferences for SMS and virtual communication can be unhealthy.

The global survey – which polled 58,486 youths aged between 11 and 18, in 31 countries worldwide – revealed that fewer Singapore teenagers prefer face-to-face communication with their friends compared with their counterparts in the rest of the world. Instead, more of them like to “talk” to their friends through SMS or instant messaging…

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Ironically most government schools in Singapore ban pupils from using handphones in school. Are schools missing out a valuable learning tool? Or, are schools doing the right thing since ‘preferences for SMS and virtual communication can be unhealthy’?

The International Collaboration Projects

The international collaboration projects offered on the connected Learning communities (cLc) platform enable students to learn and construct knowledge with other learners from around the world on that particular theme.

Your schools will have access to real schools, ready-packaged learning activities, industry experts and real learners for authentic and purposeful new learning opportunities. Through these collaborations, learners are able to nurture and develop skills for 21st century.

I will be attending this seminar. Sounds exciting.


Updates: It was not a seminar after all. It was more like a product talk of Uniservity. Great LMS, with a vast network of schools from various countries, collaborating beyond boundaries. An exciting collaborative project of the 1st Youth Olympics Games which is going to be held in Singapore in 2010 will happen a few months later.

It was an excellent presentation of how connected Learning communities (cLc) enable learners, however I do not think my school is willing to break bank for another LMS. Frankly I am more interested to look into non-commercial projects like the Horizon Project and Flat Classroom Project.