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RITC Reflections

As mentioned in my previous post, I just returned from my first overseas conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are my reflections in short:

1. It’s great to see educators from other countries sharing their innovative ideas in the form of poster presentations. I will post more photos of posters I took later.

2. It’s a valuable experience to work together with overseas educators on a group project. Having a common goal of using ICT in education breaks all cultural and language barriers.

3. It’s a wonderful opportunity to network with overseas educators. I have to admit I’m a shy person but I managed to chat with Anne Mirtschin on her amazing global classroom project. It’s the first time I met up with an overseas edublogger! I was quite overwhelmed at first! Haha!

4. I look forward to future opportunities to learn, share and collaborate with educators from all over the world 🙂

Project Digital Citizenship

I just returned from my first overseas conference. It was an amazing experience. Met many overseas educators and learnt a lot from them. I was there to share my ‘Project Digital Citizenship’ too. In this lesson, I got students to translate their understanding of digital citizenship into short videos and share with other school mates. The learning outcome will be empowerment of students as ambassadors to promote digital citizenship in a community.


Allow me to introduce you to the community – http://projectdigitalcitizenship.com.

Everyone is invited! 😀