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Students like Social Media

Source: http://edudemic.com/2012/01/students-social-media/

Web 2.0 equivalent of…

I’m working out a series of Web 2.o tools training sessions for teachers and pupils next year. Right now I’m mapping the following IT applications (mostly Microsoft products) to Web 2.0 equivalents. The learning outcome will be students learning both Microsoft skills and Web 2.0 tools.

I have listed some of my ideas.

  1. Keyboarding and Word processing = Blogging and Wiki
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint = Google Docs (Presentation)
  3. Microsoft Excel = Google Docs (Spreadsheets and Forms)
  4. Microsoft Movie Maker (Slideshow) = Animoto
  5. Microsoft Movie Maker (Video) = ???
  6. Audacity = VoiceThread?

Any recommendations? Thanks!

At this school, it’s okay to ‘tweet’ in class

Great news article from The Straits Times, 6 November 2009.

This is exactly how technology should be used to improve education – “it’s okay to ‘tweet’ in class”

Congratulations to Ngee Ann Secondary School for becoming one of the 30 “Microsoft Pathfinder Schools” worldwide.


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Link to Microsoft Partners in Learning.

Must have tools for new lab PCs?

— This post was originally posted back on 26 September 2008. —

Good news: My school is getting new PCs to replace old ones in a lab.

Bad news: I am going to write a request for funds proposal for it 😛

Something new: I am working with my Edtech to come up with a list of tools/applications/software/hardware to be installed in the new PCs.

Target pupils: Primary 1 to 6 (7 years old to 12 years old)

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages)

Objectives: E-Learning and Project Work

Any suggestion is most welcomed!


List of tools/applications considered to be installed

1. Audacity

2. VLC media player

3. Video Codecs e.g. Xvid

4. A new lab management software. Recommendation needed.

5. A more robust web filtering application to block undesirable websites which the ministry/school network is unable to filter. Recommendation needed.

6. Firefox

7. FreeMind

8. Infraview or GIMP

9. Microsoft Office 2007 (Competition purpose)

10. Other Open Source applicatons

Recommendations by educators:

1. Jeff Utecht

Google Earth
Firefox default browser
OpenOffice or MS OFfice

2. Tod Baker

Language teachers find software like Audacity helpful for recording voice and sound. I prefer to use GarageBand for serious work and Journler for on-the-fly work.

3. Sue Waters

Well my friend has been radical in his school – remove all standard MS software & told staff they’ll need to learn Web 2.0 tools

List of hardware considered to be purchased

1. IWB

2. Headsets

3. Better Webcams

4. Creative Vado