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Poll Everywhere…using SMS!

Poll Everywhere, a Y Combinator company that launched last Fall, is a service that allows presenters to sidestep these obstacles by taking polls with mobile phones. Instead of using a proprietary device, users simply send a SMS message to a specified number. This data can then be displayed on a dynamic PowerPoint slide, allowing users to watch the results change on the fly.

I just tried and it works in Singapore! Wicked stuff! 😀

SMS Nation

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TEENAGERS here are not surprised at the trends shown by the Sulake survey but some admit that the preferences for SMS and virtual communication can be unhealthy.

The global survey – which polled 58,486 youths aged between 11 and 18, in 31 countries worldwide – revealed that fewer Singapore teenagers prefer face-to-face communication with their friends compared with their counterparts in the rest of the world. Instead, more of them like to “talk” to their friends through SMS or instant messaging…

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Ironically most government schools in Singapore ban pupils from using handphones in school. Are schools missing out a valuable learning tool? Or, are schools doing the right thing since ‘preferences for SMS and virtual communication can be unhealthy’?