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Everybody likes Edmodo!

It’s the start of the new school year and what a great encouragement from my Primary 3 (Grade 3) kids! The survey above is ‘Do you like to use Edmodo?’. The top 2 options selected are ‘Love it’ and ‘Like it’.  One kid commented she prefers Edmodo because it’s ‘private’. I’m sure the LMS will have lesser love this year, at least for my classes 😀

LMS + Facebook = Social LMS?

I was toying with the idea of a mash up platform of a LMS and Social Network like Facebook.

The reason: Create a best of both world system for students to learn and play. The school LMS and Facebook are two of the top websites students visit everyday, however for different purposes. The LMS is somehow controlled, structured, formal and disengaging to a certain extent. While the latter, addictive, fun, informal and engaging. I guess it would be interesting to have a one-stop system to create a self-directed and collaborative learning environment.

Ning comes pretty close.  Sclipo looks interesting.

What do you guys think?