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##FF Myself (Many thanks to John Larkin!)

I’m very honoured to be featured in John Larkin (@john_larkin)’s ‘The Friday Follow Twitter Interview‘ today. Frankly I don’t think I deserved the fame. I’m just a geeky Chinese language teacher who likes to play with education technology 🙂

Thanks John! 🙂

Bad choice of hashtag?

I find it strange that the official Ministry of Education (@MOEsg) Twitter account is using the #sgedu hashtag. While the #sgedu hashtag has a much larger following, it is widely used for satirical tweets. Take a look at my Tweetdeck screen shot of #edsg and #sgedu side by side.

I have sent a tweet to @MOEsg but sadly it has been ignored.

I’m not trying to advocate using #edsg but it seems @MOEsg is missing the point. What do you think? 🙂

Update: @MOEsg has started to use both hashtags together in a recent tweet.

Best of both worlds? 🙂