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Baseline ICT Standards (Singapore): Where is Web 2.0 for Primary level?

This afternoon I attended a briefing at MOE HQ on Pupils’ Attainment of Baseline ICT Standards. The highlight of the briefing was the demonstration of the Online Assessment Tool which is task based and automated. Pretty impressive stuff.

However what made me a little upset was the glaring absence of Web 2.0 for Primary level Skills areas in the revised standards.

Frankly, I was quite puzzled by this first ICT Focus:

Pupils will use the Internet for email and searches.

and this Skills Area:

Learning with Communication Tools: Online Communication: Send a message. Send an attachment.

While Secondary and Tertiary levels placed some emphasis on Web 2.0, I can’t say the same for Primary level (except for the brief mention of ‘Digital portfolio’ and ‘blog’ as ‘Suggested Evidence’).

I can’t help but ask myself: Is Web 2.0 deemed too early for Primary level?

I will probably slap myself first if the answer is a yes.

As what Deputy Director. Professional Development & Consultancy, Mr. Sin Kim Ho pointed out, the Baseline Standards will be evolving.

I guess evolving is just too slow. It needs an immediate transformation.

Note: Primary level pupils in Singapore are between 7 years old (Primary 1) to 12 years old (Primary 6).

“She did not know how to type.”

From The Straits Times (21/3/2009):


My thoughts:

1. Primary school pupils must be taught digital literacy right from Primary 1. Kids must know basic keyboarding/touch typing.

2. Baseline ICT standards should have equipped Madam Lim’s daughter with the essential text inputing skills using word processor.

3. Why must project work be submitted as computer printouts? How to justify the need for it?