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“My first blog”

Recently I happened to pop by 2 lower primary classes (7 to 8 years old) to help out with E Learning lessons in the absence of the IT trainer. These kids already learnt touch typing and basic word processing using Microsoft Word the past few months. Little did I know they have never blog!

I demonstrated how to publish a blog using the school LMS blog module. It is a very basic one based on a supposedly outdated WordPress version. I taught the kids blogging is something like writing a diary online which can be read by everybody. Then I instructed the kids to blog on the topic “My first blog” . Before the end of the lesson, I showcased some nice blogs.


The kids were ecstatic! Frankly, it has been a long while I seen kids so enthusiastic about blogging.

Some thoughts:

1. Kids love to try new things, especially when it is IT-related.
2. As kids grow older, ‘tried technology’ failed to ignite their learning passion.
3. Teachers play an important role in engaging kids in IT-related activities. They must be constantly updated and get in touch with kids’ learning needs and behaviour.